Ups and Downs of a Student Life

Never let down your perspective .


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Ups and Downs of a Student Life

For most students, the university is the first opportunity to deal with new life challenges independently and as an adult.

On top of the everyday stresses of living with strangers and managing coursework, it’s likely that you, like a huge number of your peers, will have to navigate some bigger issues along the way. At the very least, you’ll be balancing your physical health, mental well-being, new relationships, and money (or lack thereof).

They’re tough problems to face while you’re a student. Even if you avoid them while you’re studying, you’ll likely experience them all in your first few years after graduation.

If that sounds scary, it doesn’t have to. Knowing where to find support is the best way to solve these challenges as they appear — it’s just one of those valuable skills you’re unlikely to find in a lecture hall.

Start with a simple example of being myself, first time entering into a world among so many unknown strangers as well as stepping foot on the path of many difficulties. Till my school life, I thought that all this school life was boring, wishing to grow up and enter college/university life to enjoy real happiness. ( It was not only my imagination, most of you even my friends thought of the same ) , but the interesting part is yet to begin.

All of you must have watched a popular Bollywood movie named “Chichore”, I might not need to remind you about what happened in the movie. Now the things I am going to say are not completely related to any movie or any such circumstances, It’s just my realization of being a 2nd-year college student. Frankly speaking, I was very excited from the first day of my admission to college thinking of making new friends and exploring the outer world which includes every kind of ups and downs. Most of us believe that ‘ finally I will be able to build my career besides maintaining making new friends and keeping time for him/her self ( To be more clear I said most of them, there may be other students who have their perspective, also some of you might not agree with my opinion ). Like others, I also walked towards paving my path to building up my career in my 1st year but truly speaking it was not quite easy for me.

Similarly, I made some friends on the first day of my college but it took me long enough to understand who is fake and who is meant to be true friends (true friends in the sense those who will help you at your worst ). On the other hand me being a teenage boy probably grown some attraction to the opposite gender (that’s a common thing I may say ), but I would say this attraction thing has taught me to see the harsh reality. Now I laugh at myself thinking of being so childish falling into the trap and believing everyone who tried to be friendly with me.

I am quite interested in coding, taking challenges even competing with others and growing my connection. It has been my dream to become a software developer since my class 11. I spent most of my time researching different worldwide coding contests, and seminars, solving new problem statements, learning new languages and writing blogs. Writing blogs has been my new passion to express my feelings as well as spreading knowledge to others and a source of my income ( Arya's Newsletter , weekly newsletter ).

Some people love college. They say it was the best day of their life. College is a huge milestone in the life of a student. College allows them to become new people, make new friends, to experience new things. One of the major things about college for a student is all the free time they suddenly have. College is a chance to figure out who you are, to find out what you want to do with your life. Maybe you think you want to be a teacher but halfway into getting your degree, you discover that you really can’t stand kindergarteners. College allows you to change your mind without your world falling apart.

Like I told earlier being a teenager is very tough. At this age, we deal with many life changes. For some, the teenage years pass very smoothly but for some, it is a very hard phase of life. The most important thing that can help a person in being a successful youth or teenager is to know how to carry many responsibilities together. The worst thing about being a teenager is to be blamed for everything we do. This case is very different from the childhood and adulthood stages of life — a child’s mistakes are ignored by everyone and people even enjoy them when a person is an adult, they are not blamed for even the mistake that they make. In between these two ages is the youth or the teenage years, during which we have to bear the burden of any mistake or wrong deed and not even the smallest mistake is ignored!

But as everything has its positive and negative points, teenager is also not bad. There are some good aspects of being a teenager. For instance, we go to many places with just friends or cousins without needing our parents to come with us, such as a friend’s birthday party, eating out, cinema, shopping, etc.

Let’s Wrap this up a little

Now I believe that the more we stay connected to the outer world, the more we will be able to see others’ perspectives of their thought and be prepared to face it. The first year of my college was half online and half offline so it was quite difficult to be familiar with others but now almost it’s going to be a year since meeting all my friends I got to know about all their behaviour. The best thing I would say to all of you (after speaking to some of my friends having the same mindset ) who will be reading this is just stay put and observe everything around yourself and don’t try to give any unnecessary advice to anyone. You will not know when that your advice or maybe a small help makes everyone go against you even those whom you thought to be with you.

Last but not the least, always try to be yourself and pursue your career first rather trying to cope with others who are only pacing them up to continue the world’s race. Make friends with those with whom you feel comfortable and secure since in today’s world no one is to be trusted blindly. Thank you for reading to this very end of the story. Hope to bring forward more. Till then this is Arya, signing off.