Don't beg; Do what has to be done..

Don't beg; Do what has to be done..

Don't expect ease if you haven't gone through the work.


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I've received several texts from folks requesting favours from me. Not just any favours, but ones that include sending them money or buying them books or courses. These communications are coming from folks I don't know. They will congratulate me on my writing before asking if I can handle it.

Now, I want to clarify why this wouldn't benefit them in this post. Let's get started!

Obtaining things without cost

Do you know the difference between someone who is privileged and someone who had to work for their shit?

One is driven and diligent. As soon as they stop receiving food, the other one can pass out.

The tiger at the zoo and the one in the wild are different from one another. They are both members of the same species, yes. They are totally distinct from one another, though.

Getting Weakened

The more free stuff you receive, the weaker you grow. How are you ever going to change if you're not willing to work hard to attain what you want?

It's beneficial to experience hardships. We develop, learn from, and become stronger via struggles. We have the power to triumph over challenging circumstances moving forward.

Instead of looking for shortcuts, embrace the effort. Get fired up about enhancing your work ethic and developing your strength.


Follow your responsibilities. Accept it even if it means overcoming obstacles.

Work hard to achieve your goals. Find no shortcuts to get there. Be enthused about progress since life is brief.

Try your best. merit it. It must be earned. Take it on.

I hope you may learn something from it and use the advice to further your profession. I wish I had known these things when I was just starting out 🥰.

I appreciate you reading all the way through ❤️✨

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